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We are James & Mattalyn. Inspired by our love for country living (with a little coastal flair), Jesus, and family, we bring to you Loving Country Living.

Mattalyn has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. As a child, her family owned a resale & consignment shop called the Family Tree. Growing up, they were always working on a new business venture until that lead them to their current store Loving Coastal Living where the whole family has a piece of pie. Mattalyn & her mother run the store, but often times you will see her husband, father, siblings, daughter or nephew stopping in & helping.
While Mattalyn always loved living on the coast, the beach, and island life, her heart longed for trees, land, and country living. In 2015 she met James, who was raised a country boy. They married in 2020 & the rest is history!
In 2021 Loving Coastal Living branched out and opened extension stores, including Loving Country Living. However, it was too much for our small family team. Loving Country Living closed in 2022.
Country-western style was in both of their hearts, so James & Mattalyn decided to take over the country website & brand and make it their own. With inspiration from both of their backgrounds, they are excited to share with you their branch of the Family Tree!

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