Our Dear You Blanket  is a 100% cotton blanket that looks like notebook paper bearing the handwritten-style message,

Love (Yellow) - "My Dear, Wrap yourself tight in love. An honest love, one strong enough to protect you, that only gets softer and better with time. Care for your love gently, and keep it mended and new… and I promise, it will keep you warm forever."

The Journey (White)-  "Dear You, Here are the rules for the journey: Throw out the map. You don’t need it anyway. If you see a mountain, climb it. There are no such things as dead ends. Just happy little detours. Pack light. What you own doesn't matter, and you’ve already got everything you need. Be kind to ever companion you meet along the way. Their path might be different than yours, so be thankful while they’re with you. After all, life is more fun… when we go together."

It looks as if you took the blanket and wrote the message on it yourself. This throw blanket gift is perfectly suited to be given to any loved one as a bridal shower, wedding, rough times, anniversary, Valentine's Day or anytime gift. This artisan gift rekindles the simple meaningfulness of times gone by with wishes for the future.

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