Our Dear You collection brings the warmth and heartfelt sentiment of a handwritten note into our busy, tech-filled days. Our Dear You Pillow is a 100% cotton pillow bearing a handwritten style message.

Our Hearts - "Dear You, Love the place our hearts call home." 21"w x 12"h

Love - "Darling, Let’s snuggle up and stay a while." 21"w x 12"h

You're Home - "There are only a few rules. First, get as comfy as possible. Shoes are optional, but hugs are mandatory. Laugh loudly and often. At dinner, have seconds (and thirds, if you want). Say thank you, please. Naps are encouraged. Sit down, relax, and stay a while… if you’re here, you’re home. - Us." 60"w x 18"h

It looks as if you took the throw pillow and wrote the message on it yourself to be placed where it can be seen and used every day. This decor pillow gift is perfectly suited to be given as a family present encouraging plenty of bonding time for housewarmings, Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversaries, holidays, rough times or anytime. This artisan gift rekindles the simple meaningfulness of times gone by with wishes for the future.

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